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Sitefinity 太阳城网址 and Third-Party Integration



σδπ is the premier co-ed business fraternity in the United States, 超过260,000名在美国的提升者.S. 在世界各地. Members work together to build professional skills, 领导能力, 管理潜在的, 和性格. The fraternity’s central office is in Oxford, Ohio, adjacent to the Miami University campus.


  • Migrated content from Joomla to Sitefinity CMS
  • Performed content audit on more than 700 pages and PDF files
    • Created legacy sitemap for 301 redirect planning
  • 创建新内容
    • Redeveloped content to speak to five core audiences
    • 创建了150个新的seo丰富的内容页面  
    • 改写75个内容页面,以提高SEO
    • 编辑75个内容页面,以提高SEO
  • Inserted more than 300 consolidated content pages, 700 PDF文件, and 200 图片 into new Sitefinity website
  • Created custom chapter locator and connected it to third-party database
  • Implemented Sitefinity电子商务 and migrated existing products
  • Created password-protected Members Area and migrated secure content
  • Implemented single sign-on with third-party user accounts
  • Implemented comprehensive 301 redirect strategy
  • Created and implemented new Sitefinity templates
  • 实现快速响应设计
    • Used the Sitefinity Layout builder to allow client to manage layouts and responsive design capabilities


σδπ’s existing website had become unmanageable over the years, 成千上万的文件, 图片, 和页面. Navigation was cumbersome and confusing, and staff members could not easily find or update content.

Fraternity leadership knew alumni and collegiate members expected a state-of-the-art, mobile-friendly website – members needed to be able to access information while on-the-go. And the existing mish-mash of content management systems supporting its website would not be able to provide the solution σδπ needed.


BoxCrush conducted a content audit of more than 700 pages and PDF files, 找到重复的, 不完整的, 和无关紧要的. Due to the limitations of the previous content management platform, BoxCrush had to create the (rather large) sitemap by hand as the organization of content both new and old was planned out.

The BoxCrush team worked closely with σδπ to define target audiences. BoxCrush then created five website-visitor personas, 作为内容创建的起点, and wrote content for each specific persona. Existing content was edited or restructured to align with the five personas.

One of the most important pieces of this project was creating a custom chapter locator for alumni members. BoxCrush built a custom interface with a pre-existing third-party database (Patriot) to populate map data that could be sorted by chapters, 省, 州, 和地位.

BoxCrush worked with the Patriot team to develop a single-user user interface for fraternity members. Members can log in to the σδπ website to access protected information and chapter management tools on Patriot’s system with no need to log in again.

BoxCrush developed several other custom Sitefinity modules for the website that interface with Patriot in real-time. Fraternity members who are logged in can:

  • 更新会员资料
  • 提交成就和生活事件
  • Buy jewelry and materials from the Deltasig shop (using integrated Sitefinity电子商务)
  • Submit nominations for fraternity boards and committees

When tearing down a previous web property and replacing it with a new one, it is vital that no harm is done to an organization’s search rank positioning. 使用手工创建的站点地图, BoxCrush mapped the URL path locations of all old content and redirected it to the new URL locations on a one-to-one basis. This strategy enabled every old URL to redirect to the corresponding page on the new website, 保留现有的谷歌搜索结果, 用户书签, and thousands of links from third-party websites.

When the new σδπ website went live, it ranked just as high in organic search as the legacy site had been ranking, 在发射的几天内, 它的排名越来越高. The site works well on any device, and in any browser. 新网站更容易浏览, and each of the five personas can find their way around without confusion.

σδπ’s new Sitefinity website met each of the organization's goals. The new site successfully preserved what they wanted to keep and introduced new features and functionality for the best user experience.




在看了很多供应商之后, we were drawn to BoxCrush because of their experience with the Sitefinity CMS and their tell-it-like-it-is attitude.  We knew we needed not a vendor, but a partner, as we underwent a complete website overhaul. New design, new features, and completely new content.  The BoxCrush team took the time to learn about our organizational structure, 历史, and operations so that they could write the content, 构建集成, 最重要的是, 引导太阳城网址完成一项艰巨的任务."


“What impressed me the most about BoxCrush, was that they did not simply disappear once the site launched. Their staff is in regular contact with our people and they have continued to improve the site's features, 看, 并表现在时间上 自从太阳城网址上线后. We do appreciate the efforts to overcome all the challenges."

"Although, they did make me sit in the front row for Star Wars. Resulting in severe neck and spinal damage. Statute of limitations expires in 6 years.”